Quality spare parts

Our team takes a great deal of pride in their ability to supply a diverse range of power steering components for virtually any make or model of vehicle. In the highly unlikely event that we don’t have exactly what you need here on the shelf, we will do our utmost to source it on your behalf. So please contact us or call in to discuss your requirements.

Many steering rack ends can be difficult to source, especially for some of the newer models of vehicle. That’s not a problem for us thanks to the network of contacts and trade partners that we have built up over our long business history.

For customers such as other trade clients and DIY mechanics who prefer to overhaul their steering components themselves, we can supply a wide range of overhaul kits at very sensible prices.

Experienced technicians

Our highly skilled technicians have remanufactured thousands of units over the years, and they are familiar with all aspects of their operation and repair. We only use quality components in all of our processes and all of our remanufacturing is carried out here on the premises. We provide our highly specialised services to both the trade and public sectors, with an outstanding 99% of our services being completed within the same day.

Our services

Power steering component reconditioning
The sale of power steering components including the sourcing genuine manufacturer’s parts
Power steering servicing
Wholesale power steering supplies to dealers including reconditioning services for other auto shops etc.

Talk to the power steering experts at Gold Coast Power Steering today and discover why we are number one on the Gold Coast. 

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From modern power steering racks and pumps to steering boxes and retro installation work, the team at Gold Coast Power Steering are experts in all types of power steering repairs, servicing and remanufacturing.

Retrofit power steering

Our technicians are even able to retrofit power steering to vehicles that don’t have the facility already. At our fully equipped workshop in Ashmore, we have all the facilities and knowhow needed to effect high quality and lasting repairs to a diverse range of power steering components.


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